What are the Advantages of Investing in a Quadruplex House

quadruplex house

Are you ready to purchase your own home? There is a wide range of real estate you can invest in, such as condominiums, apartment complexes, and quadruplex houses. This is an important choice – you and your family will live in this space for years and it will impact your lifestyle.

Of the different types of residential real estate, a quadruplex house may be the most accessible and practical, especially for first-time investors. Find out if a quadruplex house should be your next investment.

In this article, we’ll talk about the advantages of investing in a quadruplex house and why you should invest in one.

What is a Quadruplex House?

Before you invest in a quadruplex house, let’s clarify what it is.

A quadruplex is a single house that’s divided into four attached units and is meant to be occupied by multiple families.

A quadruplex may sound like a regular apartment complex. However, unlike an apartment complex, a quadruplex house is built like a regular house and lot for sale in Cavite, but it has separate spaces for different families, including parking and garden spaces.

Does it sound like a good investment for a first house? Before buying a quadruplex house, you should first consider the advantages it offers.

4 Advantages of a Quadruplex House and Lot

Are you considering a quadruplex house for your family? Check out the potential benefits of buying a quadruplex house:

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Expansion Capability

Perhaps one of the best advantages of a quadruplex house is that you can expand or upgrade it. Minami’s Hanna model is already spacious, but it is designed to accommodate a growing family. So, it’s easy to upgrade or expand your quadruplex house whenever your family needs more space.

This is also one of the things that makes the quadruplex house a great starter house and lot for OFWs and young families. You can buy a smaller house for an affordable price and then expand your home once you have more budget. You don’t need to move to a new place when you need a larger space – you can simply grow your quadruplex house.

Balance of Community and Privacy

A quadruplex house offers ample privacy for each unit. So, you can live freely in the privacy of your home and still know that there is a community nearby and that if you step out of your home, you can socialize or ask the help of your neighbors.

One option when buying a quadruplex house is to live next door with relatives. The balance of community and privacy quadruplex houses offer proves to be a great advantage in this setup since you can be easily accessible to each other while still having enough privacy.

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Spacious Indoors and Outdoors

A quadruplex may be smaller than a single unattached house, but it has the same features.

With two floors, you have plenty of space for a living room, dining area, kitchen, and rooms upstairs. You get more space than you would with a regular apartment or condominium. You and your family can enjoy different spaces to hang out together or rest in your own private spaces.

You also have a lot of outdoor space since Minami Residence’s quadruplex house has provisions for a garage and a garden. You can grill on the weekends or let your kids play in your yard. You can also let them play outside with the neighborhood kids – you can rest assured that they’ll be safe in our gated community.

Not to mention, your indoor space can still expand if needed.

High Potential to Appreciate in Value

When you purchase a quadruplex house, you buy a house and lot. This is one of the main reasons you should invest in a quadruplex house.

Real estate has a higher potential to appreciate because land is a limited supply. However, if you buy a property in a good location and a good neighborhood, you can guarantee that your investment will appreciate.

So, before you purchase a property, research the location’s potential. It’s best to invest in up-and-coming locations near economic zones like Cavite since it is near schools, malls, hospitals, and places of work. Plus, they are still affordable with a high potential for appreciation, which would be a great advantage should you decide to sell your home later.

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Why Should You Invest in a Quadruplex House?

A quadruplex house can be a practical investment that holds a lot of potential. These types of houses are designed with a beginner investor in mind. Whether you’re single and looking for a house to invest in or a newly married couple looking for a home to start your family, a quadruplex house can be a practical choice.

Quadruplex houses have a lower entry cost, so payments are easier to manage. You can afford a house even with a median income and pay it off with relative ease in a few years.

Plus, you are not just buying a house. A quadruplex house is an investment. It can be the foundation for your future home. It will certainly be a valuable asset in a few more years as land continues to appreciate.

It’s not perfect – there are a few cons to buying and living in a quadruplex, such as having a smaller space and sharing a wall with neighbors. But you’ll find that you’ll be glad that you’ve invested in a quadruplex house when you did in just a few years.

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Invest in Your Forever Home with Minami Residences

Buying a house is a major milestone. Indeed, it is quite expensive and requires commitment and discipline, which is why you should carefully consider the advantages of a quadruplex house and lot before you officially invest.

A Cavite house and lot holds so much potential, being located in General Trias, a special economic zone, and near Metro Manila. Be one of the first to invest in Minami Residences and start the next chapter of your life.

Want to know more? Take a virtual tour of our house models or contact us to learn more!

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