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rfo vs pre selling

Choosing a home alone is already a difficult decision, but choosing between a pre-selling vs ready for occupancy property can make this choice even harder if you do not do your due research about the different kinds of properties available out on the market. In this comprehensive crash course on preselling vs RFO house and lots, learn more about the definition, differences, and pros & cons of a preselling house and lot as well as a ready for occupancy house and lot so you can make the most financially sound decision while maximizing your investment regarding your dream home!

How Do Pre-Selling vs Ready For Occupancy Homes Differ From Each Other?

At their core, pre-selling house and lots as well as ready for occupancy house and lots are both good investments given the right location and community. Both may become your very own stylish, good quality home with an impressive finish when you choose to invest your time and resources to them. One of the main differences, however, is how soon you can live in them.

rfo vs preselling

What is a Pre-Selling House and Lot?

A pre-selling house and lot is a property or unit that has yet to reach completion by its developer. While some may find the concept of pre-selling homes a questionable and confusing one as there is yet to be an actual property for you to move into, the process is one that is safe and secure so long as you do your due diligence and only work with a trusted developer. Depending on a number of factors such as your payment terms and the estimated completion of the project, a purchased pre-selling house and lot will eventually be turned over to you. In exchange for your wait and investment, you can enjoy a few perks:

Friendlier Pricing

More often than not, pre-selling house and lots are marketed with significantly lower prices to early buyers. This lower price stems from the fact that the location has yet to reach its full potential. Though there can be a number of factors that must be considered for the size of the discount such as the property type, location and proximity to the date of completion, these discounted prices can still help you save a significant portion of the budget you allotted for your home. You can maximize these savings even further by picking out a property that is still strategic and accessible while being outside the Metro. Pre-selling house and lots in Cavite are a great option, as they offer lower real estate costs that can give massive savings when combined with buying your home early in its pre-selling stage.

First Pick

The early bird catches the worm. Early buyers of pre-selling house and lots or units can have first pick on the best cuts of land or unit placement. Most early buyers in gated communities opt for cuts closer to the entrance for ease of access and less traffic heading to and from the village. Others opt for corner lots for wider space to use as a garden or extra garage room. By making the call to invest in a pre-selling property, you beat other potential buyers to the top picks that everyone will be vying for in no time.

More Flexible Payment Terms

Unlike ready for occupancy house and lot properties, a pre-selling house and lot usually has a longer term because it is still in construction. While both types of properties typically have an installment payment plan available, the cost of the property can rise significantly once it is completed. Some developers even offer in-house assistance and consulting regarding your payment plan. This can come in especially handy should you be ineligible for a house loan. By taking advantage of the pre-selling phase, you can have a bit more breathing room when it comes to your cash flow.

What is a Ready for Occupancy House and Lot?


Between a pre-selling vs RFO property, ready for occupancy house and lots are already built to completion. Because of its status as a completed brick-and-mortar project, this option can prove to be more enticing to potential buyers. On top of its physical presence, there are also a few reasons to opt for RFO vs preselling properties because of a few obvious perks:


When it comes to ready for occupancy house and lots, prospecting buyers looking to purchase a home have a better idea of what they are getting out of the transaction. From the overall look and the quality of the finish to the make and durability of the interiors and amenities, interested parties can visit and inspect their desired property or unit in real time. This opportunity to see the quality of the build for themselves gives interested buyers the peace of mind that some might not have from simply seeing a showroom.


Sometimes, life throws us a curveball and we need to make big decisions in a snap. Home buyers looking to make a move immediately will not be able sit through the waiting game that pre-selling house and lots will entail. Ready for occupancy house and lots offer an immediately available alternative that is livable and safe for whatever life brings you.

Full Amenities and Infrastructure at the Ready

Ready for occupancy house and lots have amenities and infrastructure at the ready. Though they charge a higher price than pre-selling homes since the property has appreciated in value, the price difference also means you can enjoy the amenities and convenience sooner rather than later. In exchange for this certainty and premium, homeowners can focus on enjoying their new home and the surrounding operational amenities in the neighborhood and rest easy knowing that it has the support and maintenance from the administrative body of the neighborhood or building.

Which One Should I Choose?

At the end of the day, choosing between a pre-selling vs RFO house and lot is dependent on your existing circumstances. How urgent do you need your new home? Do you have the cash flow for a home that is ready for immediate move-in or would you like to take it slow by making a sound investment through a pre-selling house and lot property? Assess your situation and play it smart to make the best decision for you and your family!

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