These are the Essentials Every Home Needs!

House needs

When buying a home for the very first time, it can feel like there is no shortage of house-must-haves that have to be considered. Because it is a huge investment, it may even be nerve wrecking to make a decision which factors to prioritize. What is the budget? Is it in a good location? What kind of design does the house and lot have? While these are all good and practical questions that can be answered by our home buying guide, sometimes the most important new home essentials are those that come as an afterthought. At the core of any good home is the family that will live in it. Here are three house must haves that you should consider when shopping for your first house and lot with the family!

Features that Meet Your Family’s Needs

Buying a new home is always a big investment, so it is important to make it count. Make sure that whatever property you end up buying is able to meet what you need in a house, as well as the unique needs of your different family members. Does your family enjoy heavy cooking? Create a spacious open kitchen layout with enough counter space for all your culinary creations. Do you see yourself having a big family? Anticipate additional little ones by getting a home with an expandable house model. When it comes to home buying, get your loved ones together and review your family’s goals, needs, and hobbies to decide what you need in a house. This will help you plan and concretely visualize what your family needs in a home.

Pro Tip: Turn this process into a fun bonding activity! Who knows, you may discover a hidden hobby or talent, or maybe even learn about household must haves that you may have not thought of otherwise!

A Good Neighborhood Where You Feel Safe In

When the word ‘location’ comes to mind, we often think about how strategic the area of our home is relative to major establishments like national highways, supermarkets, hospitals, and more. When buying a home for your family, however, we have to look beyond just the obvious practical aspects and go granular about what you need in a house. A good location also means being in a good neighborhood that makes your family feel welcome, safe, and secure. It should have a secure environment where you may rest easy when your kids go out to play with their friends. As an example, a property in a village like Minami Residences in Cavite combines the best of both worlds—the practicality of being near major road networks like Arnaldo Highway, CALAX, CAVITEX, and Governor’s Drive, while being inside a gated community that is constantly guarded and secured.

A Property that Lets You Live Life Your Way

Nothing is more satisfying than having greater control over your day. If you can, try to buy a house and lot that is not too far from where you work and where your kids can study. There are plenty of locations that are in close proximity to major business hubs and BPO centers as well as quality educational institutions for your children. By opting for a house and lot that is close to all the other big parts of your day, you can streamline your schedules for shorter travel time and more time spent resting and bonding with the family either at home or nearby attractions.

Pro Tip:  Shoot for a house outside Metro Manila. House and lots in General Trias, Cavite are an excellent choice because of its proximity to major roads and various primary, secondary, and tertiary educational institutions like Maria Theresa School, Nineveh Academy, Lyceum of the Philippines – Cavite Campus, De La Salle Dasmarinas, and Far Eastern University Cavite. You can even take your family out for dinner on a busy weeknight at nearby malls like Vista Mall, General Trias, or Robinsons Place, Dasmarinas for a great end to your evening!

As you move on to the next chapter of your life, we hope you can look beyond the obvious practical aspects and consider the bigger picture when it comes to your new home essentials. Choose the perfect home for your family by making sure you fulfill these three house must haves!

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