Environmental Consciousness is Best Taught at a Young Age

Child Friendly

They say that our children are the key to the future. As parents, however, it is our duty to educate and mold the minds of our children for them to be productive members of society when they grow up. Arguably, one of the most important and pressing matters that we need to teach our children is the care of our environment and prevent the continuous destruction of our environment. If you want to do your part in teaching your child to be more conscious about mother earth, you have come to the right place. Let’s raise them to be responsible stewards of our planet by following this handy guide.

Child Friendly

Why Should I Teach My Children to Be Environmentally Conscious?

You might be asking yourself why you need to teach your children about the environment on top of the many challenges that parenting already asks of you. From good table manners to teaching your children how to treat other people with kindness and developing their basic skills of reading and writing, there are a lot of expectations that come with raising a child. Teaching them how to care for Mother Nature, however, is both an investment and an effective way of building your child’s character. It enables them to become responsible caretakers of our world and will make them value and treasure the day-to-day gifts and blessings we receive. It will also give them a better future with a cleaner and more livable world they may someday share with their own children.

Read on and discover some actionable steps you can take to teach your child environmental consciousness.

Turn Recycling and Waste Segregation into A Fun Game!

Recycling plays a big part in environmental consciousness since it helps us with proper waste disposal and proper usage of natural resources. Turn recycling into a fun game to encourage your child’s brain development and critical thinking by creating a waste segregation area within your home. Label or color code each container accordingly as Biodegradable, Non-Biodegradable, and Recyclables and teach them to dispose of their trash by their correct category. This can become a fun way to bond while teaching your child to clean up their messes and be environmentally responsible.

Discuss the Importance of Environmental Consciousness

As parents, we sometimes want to protect our children from the not so pleasant parts of our world. We should, however, expose them little by little to some realities that will impact their overall welfare. We should also trust them to handle a few harsh realities, so they know of their importance. Sit down with your children and talk to them about the seriousness of environmental consciousness. We only have one world, so it is important to take good care of it.

Watch Films That Teach the Importance of Our Environment

There are many ways to ingrain the importance of our environment to our kids in a way that they will enjoy. Some films that tackle the consequences and effects that neglecting our environment can cause include 3D animated films like The Lorax, and Wall-E, while 2D masterpieces like Castle in The Sky and Nausicaa can be enjoyed by both parent and child alike. Who knows? These stories may spark an interest in your child.

Engage in Fun Environmental Family Activities

Create wonderful memories by engaging in fun activities like gardening or tree-planting even within your own home. Whether you do this in partnership with organizations, or simply purchase cute starter kits like pocket gardens and trees, you can turn a lazy weekend afternoon into a productive one that also contributes to caring for the environment. Plant some edible greenery like herbs and small vegetables or let your kids plant their own tree saplings that they’ll care for as they grow older. An expandable home affords plenty of space for outdoor activities where your child can appreciate nature and nurture any greenery you plant as a family.

Lead By Example

They say we are our children’s first everything. From their first friend to their first heroes, we are their guiding light especially in their formative years. One of the most important steps of teaching your child the value of environmental consciousness is to lead by example. Religiously segregate waste and actively engage in hobbies or projects that promote sustainability. Encouraging them to take small steps like minimizing plastic use and choosing reusable containers are only a few solutions that you can embrace as a family. These practices are one of the things your child will take with them into families of their own as they grow older, and they will have you to thank.

We hope that this short guide to teaching your child about environmental consciousness will be of help to your family’s own environmental education journey. Caring for our world is one of the best gifts we can give to our children and future generations, so preparing them to do a good job from the get-go can be a pivotal choice. Encourage your children to become good models in your community and spearhead initiatives in your neighborhood that emphasize the importance of environmental consciousness!

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